“Interview with Joseph McElroy.”

Conducted by: Tom LeClair
Chicago Review 30.4 (Spring 1979): 84-95. Reprinted (with additional material) in Anything Can Happen: Interviews with Contemporary American Novelists, ed. Tom LeClair and Larry McCaffery (Champaign: University of Illinois Press), 235-51.

“An Interview.”

Conducted by: Bradford Morrow
Conjunctions 10 (May 1987): 145-64.

“Some Bridge of Meaning: A conversational interview with Joseph McElroy.”

Conducted by: Marc Chénetier, Antoine Cazé, and Flore Chevaillier
“Encountering Joseph McElroy [Part 1],” Sources. Revue d’études anglophones, 11 (Automne 2001) (Orléans: Université d’Orléans): 7-37.

"Joseph McElroy. Actress in the House"

Conducted by: Michael Silverblatt KCRW FM Los Angeles CA June 9, 2003
2-part interview aired Aug. 28, Sept. 4, 2003 & subsequently on selected NPR associate stations nationwide. Audio online at KCRW FM. Tapes available on request.

"Failure, Building, Embrace": an Interview with Joseph McElroy

Conducted by: Trey Strecker
Rain Taxi Online Edition Fall 2003. www.rain