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Ordering Dzanc Women and Men from Canada or abroad: : May 30, 2018

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McElroy speaking in Kiev: May 17, 2017

soon to appear amplified in US and Europe as essay Read More

McElroy in Kiev: May 16, 2017

Ukraine translation of Cannonball coming out at international book fair. McEroy speaking about censorship, America under Trump, McElroy's most recent novel Cannonball, and non-fiction book about water soon to be ... Read More

McElroy short story "Court of Last Opinion": November 10, 2015

"Court of Last Opinion" just published in FICTION magazine Read More

Joseph McElroy's novel, PLUS, this time in e-book, just released : February 11, 2015

3rd edition of Joseph McElroy's novel, PLUS, just released, this time as an e-book from Dzanc, with an introductory poem by Sarah Gridley and a new cover Read More

Jonathan Lethem Vanity Fair intro to McElroy's Ancient History: May 26, 2014 Read More

Joseph McElroy reading and commentary: February 27, 2014

In Philadelphia at Temple University, Main Campus, Anderson Hall, Womens Studies Lounge, 8th Floor   @   5pm Read More

With Cannonball June 11, also Ancient History: A Paraphase: June 11, 2013

McElroy's long unavailable 3rd novel (1971) now reissued by Dzanc with an introduction by Jonathan Lethem Read More

Joseph McElroy -- at the event protesting against the NYU expansion plan: July 15, 2012

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"to meet the water" (excerpt from Cannonball): May 21, 2012

J&L Illustrated 3,  pp. 245-55 -- just published Read More

End-of-year praise for Night Soul and Other Stories: December 19, 2011